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We offer advice and guidance for free to all of our customers on any subject related to induction loop systems. A lot of information is to be found on our website. If the website does not answer your questions you can contact us by phone or email.
At Metro Hearing Loop, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our Hearing Loop solutions are designed, engineered, and installed by us. 

We provide a variety of services including:
Metro Hearing Loop can provide a design to give you a fully worked solution to any loop installation you may be involved with. From simple single room residential loops to complex commercial multiple array loop designs we create the perfect documented solution.

Metro Hearing Loop's experienced engineers and application specialists provide top notch support on your Hearing Loop installation. Extensive support is offered through On-Site, E-mail, or telephone , backed up with design guides and technical literature to help you.

Large Scale Commercial Installation
Our installation staff will seamlessly integrate the Hearing Loop into your home. You can be assured of a courteous and professional installation by the best in the industry.
Our installation staff is fully trained and ready to handle the largest and most complex commercial facilities. We have handled some of the most prestigious projects in the Tri-State area. 
Residential Installation
Direct Connect With Audiologists
Metro Hearing Loop has an extensive network of Audiologists in our network. Let us connect you to the best ones in your area.
We are the #1 Hearing Loop Installation Company!