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Metro Hearing Loop
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About Metro Hearing Loop
Metro Hearing Loops is the leading provider of Audio Induction Loop Systems for assisting the hard of hearing. We provide a complete product and service package to meet the requirements of any assistive listening application, no matter what your environment. You can benefit from our 15 years of experience as innovator and market leader, both through our outstanding and versatile product range, and directly through our comprehensive support services. Metro Hearing Loop is directly affiliated with Metro Sound Pros one of the leading Audio and Video installation firms. Metro Sound Pros can be visited at www.metrosoundpros.com 

Metro Hearing Loop prides itself on creating a better environment for the hard of hearing by making the technology available today work for them. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Metro Hearing Loop is proud to offer a discount on our Assistive Listening installation services to all non-profit Hearing Loop organization donors. Contact us for more details!
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We are the #1 Hearing Loop Installation Company!